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Polypeptideltd. is Custom Synthesis Peptide Manufacturers
It has a fully automatic injection filling line with multiple filling modules and a built-in freeze dryer, which can fill vials, syringes, and cartridges of various sizes and can also produce freeze-dried powder.

Polypeptide Ltd. owns a production line for injection preparations. This fully automatic aseptic production line operates with a fully isolated system and has an annual production capacity of 2 million units. The automatic injection filling line has multiple filling modules and a built-in lyophilizer, capable of filling vials, syringes, and cartridges of various sizes, as well as producing lyophilized powder. The different filling modules can be switched quickly, maximizing flexibility and productivity.

This production line is equipped with the industry's latest generation of isolating systems and filling machines designed in compliance with cGMP requirements. The entire filling process is performed by robots in a complete isolator system, minimizing human intervention and eliminating contamination to ensure a high-quality product.